The captain of the doomed ship that sank with 25 tons of acid is now under investigation by Sri Lankan authorities. It’s the latest twist in a weeks-long saga that spelled disaster for the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka and the wildlife that call the beaches home. Not to mention the pollution caused to the seawater and sea creatures due to the burning vessel and its cargo of toxic acid.

What began as a terrible disaster chalked up to accidental spontaneous combustion of onboard chemicals has now become a full-on investigation pointing fingers at a possible cover-up by the ship’s captain. It’s being called a cover-up because the captain apparently deleted multiple email that would have proven important to the investigation which caused one of the worst man-caused chemical contamination episodes in the Indian Ocean in history.

And if the email coverup isn’t enough for authorities to worry about, there is still a lingering danger of even more contamination from the burned vessel as it has nearly 300 tons of oil and 50 metric tons of gasoline still aboard, threatening to leak into the ocean. Indeed, the vessel is the gift that keeps on giving, only the gifts it presents are disastrous.

Cleaning this disaster will take much more than an army of volunteers equipped with household cleaners. It will be a years-long environmental clean-up requiring contracted professionals, the military, and other elites and will undoubtedly cost millions.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the developments of this truly tragic story.