An intergalactic-related news article published by the BBC caught the attention of Sri Lankan readers this week. The article headlined “The unsolved mystery of Sri Lanka’s ‘Stargate’ takes readers into an apparently long-held theory that Sri Lanka’s sacred city of Anuradhapura is flush with UFO/UAP activity.

Of particular curious interest is the presence of a so-called star map etched into the side of a stone wall. To this day, nobody has an agreed-upon explanation about the origin or meaning of the map.

According to the BBC, “Measuring around 1.8m in diameter, Sakwala Chakraya (which translates to “Universe Cycle” in Sinhalese) is shallowly carved onto a low rock face among the protected park ruins. Its front facade can only be seen from ground level. In fact, four seats have been sculpted into a flat rock surface opposite that provide the ideal viewing area. Both the map and seats, which are also of mysterious origin, have puzzled historians, archaeologists and academics for more than a century.”

The story about Sri Lanka’s Stargate map comes at time when the world is focused on the upcoming US-Government official UFO disclosure which is supposed to happen in a report to Congress in June. The U.S. Government has already openly admitted the existence of UAPs, so disclosure has already been underway in a trickling sort of way.

Who knows, though, maybe Sri Lanka will be the key to connecting with the stars and not the USA superpower.