A carrier ship, the MV X-Press Pearl, has been burning for over a week now, and European firefighters have teamed-up with Sri Lankan crews to battle the inferno. This fire is a little trickier to put out than others because the container ship is carrying hazardous chemicals.

The ship is anchored near Colombo and already a bunch of containers have fallen into the waters.

According to the Associated Press, the owners of the ship, X-Press Feeders, said that salvage experts came in from Europe and were working to save the contents of the ship along with saving the vessel.

Other than leg injuries sustained by two crew members, everyone else was able to evacuate the ship without incident. All are being held in a quarantine facility in Colombo.

With tug boats and firefighters working around the clock to extinguish the fire, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, yet.

According to the Sri Lanka Navy, the ship fire drama started because of a reaction happening with the 1,486 containers of chemicals.

The ship is carrying a Singapore flag. The chemicals were loaded at the Hazira, India port.