President Maithripala Sirisena says he would save the country and the people from the drug menace, ignoring the income received by the government from the sale of drug and tobacco.
“It is essential to prevent drug menace to build a disciplined country with a better economy. The government is working to face that challenge with the help of everybody”, the President Media Unit quoted the President as saying.
“The instructions have been given to establish separate units in all government institutions for the prevention and control of drug. These units should have meetings once in three months and should fulfill a responsibility to convey a message to the society to prevent people from drug use”, the President said.
The President further said that the existence of legal drugs which the government has granted licenses, and on the other hand illegal drugs pose a major challenge to us as well as it is a social problem. He also said that whether it’s legal or illegal, drug abuse does a great harm to human lives.
The Colombo district action plan for the prevention of drug presented to the President by the Colombo District Secretary Sunil Kannangara and the President also presented awards to the persons appreciating their commitment to eliminate the drug menace from the country.

Mr. Edward Mallawarachchi presented three books written by him regarding the chronic kidney disease and drug addiction, to the President in the event.